solo exhibitions
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2021 Auckland. artificial landscape, Trish Clark Gallery

2019 Auckland. [BUT] MOVE BACKWARDS, Trish Clark Gallery
2018 Waiheke Is. Vessel, Tivoli
2017 Auckland. HERE NOW, Trish Clark Gallery

2015 Auckland. SINCE 'SILENCE, Bath Street Gallery
2013 Auckland. A PLAY CATWALK,otherwise nothing left, Bath Street Gallery
2012 Auckland. A Play 'and land, Bath Street Gallery

2010 Auckland. CALLIGRAPHY, Bath Street Gallery
2009 Auckland. [un]dress, Bath Street Gallery
2008 Auckland. 'knowing', Bath Street Gallery
2008 Waiheke Is. Open Studio, Goldwater Estate
2007 Christchurch 465 g of Love / Pleats, Campbell Grant Galleries
2007 Auckland 465 g of Love, Bath Street Gallery
2006 Christchurch 'petal after petal', Campbell Grant Galleries
2005 Auckland 'score', Bath Street Gallery
2004 Christchurch 'onehundredeightdesires', Campbell Grant Galleries
Waiheke Is. 'onehundredeightdesires', Green Gallery
2003 Christchurch 'a surface is a colour', Campbell Grant Galleries
Auckland 'staircase not staircase', Judith Anderson Gallery
2002 Christchurch 'staircase not staircase', Campbell Grant Galleries
2001 Christchurch Surface/solid uncertain continuity, Campbell Grant Galleries
2000 Auckland See No Hear No Speak No, Judith Anderson Gallery
1999 Christchurch A chair /and "I", Campbell Grant Galleries
Auckland I am not "I", Judith Anderson Gallery
1998 Christchurch "I"/Still have our dream, Campbell Grant Galleries
Auckland "I"/Still have our dream, Gowlangsford Gallery
1996-7 Pakaranga Survey 1991-1996, Fisher Gallery
Lower Hutt Survey 1991-1996, Dowse Art Museum
1996 Auckland "I" as the word/ "I" as the scene, Aberthart North Gallery
1995 Auckland CABINET/ myself happens around me, Aberhart North Gall
1994 Auckland Ma, Aberthart North Gallery
1993 Auckland 'relationship other than myself, yourself, itself', Aberhart North Gallery
1992 Auckland Mother's Meridian, Aberhart North Gallery