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Born in Tokyo, father Michio Nakagawa and mother Koko Nakagawa 1957,

Studied Mathematics and Languages - Japanese and English - at Koishikawa College until 1976, Graduated Tokyo University of Fisheries 1980,
Completed advanced course in Navigation and Engineering with awarded thesis by Japan Institute of Navigation 1981,

Worked for windsurfing manufacturer as product designer 1981-1984, Apprenticed for graphic design and furniture making until married Mika Iwashita 1986, Established first studio in Chigasaki Japan 1986,

Traveled to Australasia by container-ship, arrived at Auckland New Zealand 1986, and camping around the country1987,

Further apprenticed at Carin Wilson's furniture design studio in Auckland until moved to Waiheke Island 1988,
Established Kazu Nakagawa Studio 1988, son Ku was born 1993, daughter Hu was born 1995 and marriage ended 1999,

Artist in Residency at Ara Institute of Carturbury(former Christchurch Polytechnic) 2000,

Object & Sound Installation in collaboration with composers Helen and David Bowater 2001,

First catalogue published in collaboration with poet Riemke Ensing 2007,

Dialogue with buddhist Lama Tsering Everest for the series 'calligraphy' 2009,

Conceptural Installation with fashion designer Beth Ellery for the series [un]dress 2009,

Dialogue with architectural historian Jessica Halliday for the series A Play 'and land' 2012,

Interactive project with art historian Jackie O'brien + Amanda Wayers for the work A Play 'Catwalk' 2012-13,

Public Art Integration commission for Auckland Council/Waiheke Library 2009-14,

Installation project, collaboration with yoga clothing designer Jyoti Morningstar 2015-16,

Documentary short film 'knowing' - director Bridget Quick 2010-17,

Visual & Audio installation project in collaboration with composer Helen Bowater and filmmaker Ku Nakagawa 2016-17,

Installation project, collaboration with architects Phil Howard and David Nutsford 2018-19,

Art-talk in Japanese, directed by mathematician Ko Hayashi, collaboration project chapter I 2019,

Community art-work project with Gretchen Goldwater, Ken Christie and a large number of supporters 2019,

Short film 'Kazu Nakagawa' - director Ku Nakagawa 2020,

Project Scarecrow, collaboration with abstract painter Salome Tanuvasa, 2021-22,


so far sixty-six, running most days, still playing basketball with local boys and life goes on.