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The first in a series of collaborative, beyond-disciplinary, site-specific installations projects directed by Kazu Nakagawa/artist with Ko Hayashi/mathematician. This project is called: Inter Disciplinary Exoteric Art, shortened to IDEA, subtitled: from dust to stars.
In 2013, Ko submitted a Master's thesis in pure mathematics, titled ‘Study: Expanding the Concept of Ring Space into Category Theory by applying Monads*‘. The theme of her dissertation underlies this project: to translate our lives and thoughts into a two dimensional plain and expand them with topological interpretation.

* Monad: In category theory−a branch of mathematics−a monad (also triple, triad, standard construction and fundamental construction) is an endofunctor (a functor mapping a category to itself), together with two natural transformations. Monads are used in the theory of pairs of adjoint functors, and they generalize closure operators on partially ordered sets to arbitrary categories.

Origin of word - Philosophy (Leibniz 1646-1716), an indivisible and hence ultimately simple entity, a concept to describe a 'field' such as an atom in science or a person in general.