" A Play ‘CATWALK’ is at one and the same time a sculpture, a site-specific installation and socially engaged, performance piece, based on community collaboration and viewer participation. The work began in April in 2012 and is in a constant state of evolution and negotiation as it moves towards the work’s public unveiling as one of the selected proposals for headland Sculpture On the Gulf 2013 ( During the window of opportunity that this event offers the work will reach a dynamic peak of activity and inclusivity at it becomes visible to the public for a brief moment in time. "

I, performing the role of playwright has cast two curators, Jackie O’Brien and Amanda Wayers, to play the part of directors, each charged with producing and directing the play to his script and colour scheme, one working in white and one in black. They in turn appoint artists/designers to take on the role of fashion designer and create the garments to be worn on the catwalk. The audience is invited to take a role in the play.... either as actors and performers on the catwalk or as a member of the audience.



Specific site   -  ‘CATWALK’ at the headland, Matiatia Waiheke island, Auckland  New Zealand


the runway will be laid toward the city scene over the water of Hauraki Gulf